Private: Industry Consultant, Publishing, Europe

Warrington, UK

The strategic goal of the Industry Consultant role is to participate and assist in developing, implementing and managing an ongoing tactical plan alongside your line manager and the marketing team, that will identify, target, engage, nurture and convert prospects into contracted clients within your nominated markets and sectors of responsibility, which will ultimately support your line manager’s new business revenue objectives. This role requires a minimum commitment of 24 months before an individual can progress on to a VP, New Business Development role.

Key Objectives & Responsibilities

  • Research and develop your personal knowledge of your target sector/s of responsibility to maintain a deep understanding of all relevant aspects within these sectors which may include identifying key messages, value propositions, feature/functionality requirements, particular challenges that prospects are looking to resolve, etc.
  • In collaboration with your line manager, identify and highlight all high priority enterprise target accounts within the nominated markets and sector/s of responsibility, using MPP Global’s CRM system.
  • Assist the marketing team to research and identify key strategic initiatives, business objectives, goals and pain points relevant to each high priority enterprise target account.
  • Assist the marketing team to research and collate a comprehensive list of relevant contacts working for the nominated high priority enterprise target accounts, using MPP Global’s CRM system.
  • Support and participate in various marketing campaigns initiated by your line manager and managed/facilitated by MPP Global’s marketing team, that will ultimately result in the generation of new MQLs within the target sectors and markets, with heightened focus on the high priority enterprise target accounts.
  • Qualify, engage, nurture and convert all MQLs to SQLs to SALs, to be assigned to your line manager within MPP Global’s CRM system.
  • Articulate, demonstrate and present the business, the platform, the value propositions and the key benefits to target prospective contacts throughout the nurturing process.
  • Make use of all relevant contact engagement tools (e.g. Salesforce, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Marketo) to engage and nurture prospective contacts.
  • Ensure that all interaction with prospective contacts (e.g. emails, phone calls, meetings etc.) are recorded in MPP Global’s CRM system.
  • Ensure that you use every opportunity to continuously and consistently update prospective accounts and contacts with relevant, up-to-date details as specified in MPP Global’s CRM system.
  • Exhibit and attend trade shows where necessary.

Primary KPIs

The primary KPIs of the role is to:

  • Qualify all MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) provided by the marketing team.
  • Convert all qualified MQLs to SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads).
  • Nurture and convert >30% of SQLs in to SALs (Sales Qualified Leads) which are defined as pre-booked meetings or registered sales opportunities, accepted by your line manager.
  • Meet and exceed targets as defined in the Annual Target and Commission Scheme.
  • Ensure that 100% of all interaction with target prospects are recorded in MPP Global’s CRM system.

Reporting To/Line Manager

VP, New Business Development (Market & Sector) with a dotted line to the Regional VP, Marketing.

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