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オンライン決済: オムニチャネル体験への支援

Published on 20/06/2016

今日のデジタル環境では、ユーザー体験の合理化およびワンクリック決済は、電子商取引の場で日常的に行われていることであり、オンライン購読数も年々増えています。 世界中で300種以上の代替決済方法が運用されている現在、提供し、サポートすべき決済の種類を理解しておく必要があります。提供すべき決済タイプは、顧客の地域およびオファーのサービス内容に大きく左右されます。

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What You'll Learn in This Whitepaper

Alternative Payments Methods

Gain an understanding of the alternative payment methods currently and emerging on the market to support online payments effectively. From bank transfers and mobile payments to wallets and SEPA, the payment sector is evolving and it is vital to understand what this means for businesses.

Considerations for Online Payments

In order to leverage the online customer effectively, organisations need to have the technology in place to support the market. Take a look at the different considerations to support payment services across omni-channel.

Implementing Increased Security

When dealing with payments of any kind, it is essential to offer a high level of security to protect the sensitive information of the customer and their payment details. Understand the role of PCI Compliance, encryption and tokenisation to provide enhanced security on online services.



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