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Posts By: Julian Morelis

Posted by Julian Morelis on Monday, 05 February 2018

Is Amazon’s Subscribe & Save the Future of Grocery Shopping?

The internet is changing the way we do grocery shopping, with global online retail sales predicted to reach $27 trillion by 2020 [1]. The convenience of not having to venture into busy supermarkets is certainly a major selling...

Posted by Julian Morelis on Monday, 29 January 2018

Consumer Packaged Goods in an Era of eCommerce and Frictionless Markets

How will retail become frictionless?  Direct to consumer (D2C) eCommerce is on the rise as manufacturers experience the vast benefits of bypassing the retailer. This year, it is predicted that there...

Posted by Julian Morelis on Thursday, 29 September 2016

IBC 2016: Maximizing Conversions & Minimizing Churn

IBC 2016 in Amsterdam was an exciting show with plenty of new announcements and advancements across the OTT and TV industry. We also saw interesting discussions surrounding: UHD – with...

Posted by Julian Morelis on Thursday, 25 February 2016

European Payments: How to Support Consumer Habits

In today’s world, where streamline buying journeys and one-click payments are a day to day occurrence, organizations across industries need to have a secure and seamless platform from which to...

Posted by Julian Morelis on Wednesday, 09 December 2015

Personalization and Promotions: Reach Out to Consumers this Holiday Season

Everyone is interested in a good offer. Whether this is a discount on your meal or a reduced rate for an online subscription. With the holiday season upon us everyone...


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