Bespoke eCommerce

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 17 September 2010

What do Savile Row tailors and MPP Global have in common? Not as tricky as you may think, as I believe we both offer a bespoke service.

The dictionary definition of bespoke is “made to the customer’s specific requirements” and certainly nowhere is this more true  than here at MPP Global.

Of course we have the creative and technical know-how to deliver complex advanced eCommerce solutions – believe me the Blue Chip companies we deal with would expect nothing less.

However, what sets us apart from other eCommerce solution providers is that we offer a bespoke service purely to the TV, film, radio, ISP, telco, newspaper and publishing industries.

This gives us a real insight into what makes the media and leisure industries tick, which is crucial when shaping our eCommerce solution to meet a company’s unique demands.

Tool-kits like iPay Developer integrate into a company’s web, digital TV or mobile services to process swift, secure online payments.

Customers can make purchases at the click of a button on their mobile, on the internet or even via their TV.

We offer a completely flexible eCommerce package, with our plug-in Payment systems helping to protect and enhance both brand and reputation 24/7.

Like London’s best tailors we are proud to offer our own truly seamless services.