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Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 06 December 2017

The Heavy Burden of Security & Compliance and 5 Digital Strategy Tips to Consider

In today’s digital world, we hear a lot about personalisation, optimisation and customer experience. These are the marketing benchmarks that digital businesses aim high for to continue engaging, acquiring and...

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Posted by Chris Welsh on Monday, 06 November 2017

Seeing Sport Through the Lens of a Global Broadcaster

Last month, MPP Global exhibited at Sportel Monaco, the most influential business convention for the global sports media and OTT industry. Key Takeaways   OTT subscription models need to be dynamic and localised  Maintain your core fanbase...

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Posted by Julian Morelis on Thursday, 02 November 2017

The Art of Account Group Subscriptions

Account groups facilitate group subscription packages that can be shared by multiple people.  MPP Global’s out-of-the-box solution, eSuite, enables ease of management of group subscriptions by non-technical staff.   Account Groups Across a Range of...

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Posted by Chris Welsh on Tuesday, 03 October 2017

IBC Unwrapped – from a Partner, Prospect & Customer Perspective

MPP Global has returned from Amsterdam after exhibiting at IBC 2017. Our global team of OTT specialists showcased eSuite, the world’s smartest subscription and billing platform for broadcast and OTT...

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Posted by Chris Welsh on Friday, 01 September 2017

What Happens When Your OTT Subscriber Acquisition Growth Slows Down?

Through our experience in helping some of the leading OTT services in the world grow to the levels they’re at today, we’ve noticed that there will always be a point...

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