Generation 8 Consoles to Succeed Despite Casual Gaming Threat

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 25 July 2012

International digital gaming leaders expressed their belief that casual and social gaming poses no long term threat to console gaming, a recent survey suggests. The results, taken from a poll conducted by MPP Global, demonstrated that confidence is high for the upcoming ‘Generation 8’ consoles such as Nintendo’s Wii U.

MPP Global, the leading provider of Payment Services and eCommerce Solutions to the media and entertainment industries, asked respondents whether they felt Generation 8 consoles can compete in a market increasingly dominated by casual and social gaming. The survey, conducted during an online webinar examining the gaming market titled ‘Driving the Dollars for Digital Gaming’, revealed that nearly two-thirds of executives do not consider console gaming to be under threat.

Generation 8 consoles are due to be launched over the next few years starting with the hotly-debated Wii U from Nintendo set to launch this autumn. Nintendo’s previous console, the 7th generation Wii has global sales of over 95 million units since launching in 2006.

James Eddleston, Head of Marketing for MPP Global, said: “Despite online gaming making up nearly 25% of the software market, this result confirms console gaming is still driving the industry from a software and hardware perspective”.

According to Business Insights, revenues from software makes up 65% of the US digital gaming market, with online gaming making up 16% overall compared with console software delivering over 40%.

James added: “The modern digital gaming landscape has been broadened by companies such as Zynga and Rovi opening up new revenue streams and business models to games developers. Market leaders such as Nintendo are still driving the industry but there are now more opportunities for gaming monetisation than ever. Navigating the modern gaming industry and effective monetisation requires the consultation and dedication of an experienced eCommerce payments provider such as MPP Global”.

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