How Can Broadcasters Keep Up with the Growing Demands of Consumers?

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 21 February 2013

As the media and entertainment industry is clamouring for OTT market share, MPP Global’s CEO Paul Johnson, explains how broadcasters can keep up with the growing demands of consumers in this exclusive interview with The Business Reporter and The Sunday Telegraph.

What does OTT bring to the industry?

Consumers no longer need to desperately trawl through TV listings, or be forced to wait another painstaking week before the next episode of Downton Abbey. Thanks to the growing popularity of over-the-top (OTT) services, a whole range of media content is at their fingertips whenever they please. As OTT services such as Lovefilm and Netflix have arrived on our TV sets and as OTT gaming, online betting, dating and music services are emerging, the industry has never been so competitive in the battle for the living room.

How can you keep consumers happy?

Consumers not only need to be attracted to the products and services provided by OTT – but must also form loyalty, be satisfied with services and keep up regular payments. A strong mix of smart TV and online services that build relationships with end-users, moulded with an easy route to monetisation can help achieve this consumer satisfaction.

The former can be controlled in-house, by exploiting data on consumer trends and preferences, while the latter involves outside expertise to provide a versatile and effective e-commerce solution.

How can we make the most of monetised content?

The first step with OTT is to ensure content is easy to find, bearing in mind that consumers will be relying on a remote control to browse rather than a keyboard and mouse. Should this content need to be monetised, MPP Globalrecommends the iTunes model. You’ve got to make the registration simple – as few fields as possible – and you need to provide multiple payment types. The most important thing is to provide a single-sign-on mechanic so the customer does not have to log on every time and the effortlessness of a one-click payment solution can be embraced by both content owners and consumers.

When making it as easy as possible via a micro payment, subscription or one-click e-commerce transactions, you are much more likely to see that customer time and time again.

How can you expand OTT onto multiple platforms?

Centralisation  is an extension of MPP Global’s CRM platform, with payment account details integrated into each user profile. The next best thing is interoperability – as users want to be able to log on to various devices at once, including televisions, PCs, smartphones and tablets. This means that OTT services must be compatible with all devices and brands.

Being able to support all of those platforms is the single most important cog in any strategy.Understanding that the clients aren’t just looking at the TV but are looking at apps that work with Apple, Google, Amazon and Android, will make a very large difference to your business.

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