Mobile Advertising – More Than Just a Sales Pitch

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 24 May 2010

The mobile advertising platform we have at MPP Global can be used to relate all sorts of information about products and services to customers – not necessarily restricted to the latest offers. eCommerce retailers make the mistake of only thinking of mobile marketing in terms of selling. They forget that the mobile phone is a very effective communication device as well.

Marketing research has shown that the most effective mobile advertising campaigns are those that combine valuable service information with promotional material. There are many ways this can be implemented, especially if you offer a service rather than a product. They include:

• Reminder notification for membership fees, insurance renewals and such like.

• Notification of postal mailings. For example, product samples, tickets or statements.

• Courtesy texts for orders placed.

• Requests for customer information.

• News about changes to products the customer has bought from you. For example, changes to terms and conditions.

Text marketing is particularly good for increasing opening rates in e-mail campaigns. These days, mail boxes are groaning under the weight of incoming mail, so it’s easy to miss important documents – especially if they’re junked on the customer’s “behalf.”

For example, an eCommerce travel company may have beautifully slick newsletters, with streaming video links to online brochures. However, if customers don’t open them, it’s money wasted – and sales lost. SMS texts have an open rate of almost 100%, so even if the company just uses text marketing for email notifications, it’s a worthwhile investment.