Movie Tickets Go Mobile

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 10 January 2012

People want to be entertained and more and more folks are turning to movies to get this entertainment. While there is and will always be a group of people who download movies and watch them at home, there is still a steady stream of cinema-goers. There is something about watching the latest blockbuster on the big screen that still appeals to a large segment of the population across all age groups. The trick to maintaining this interest in going to the cinema to watch movies comes down to ease-of-use.

No one likes to or wants to stand in line waiting to purchase theatre tickets. Even worse is standing in line only to find out that the theatre is sold out. This is why there has been a recent increase in the development of mobile eCommerce solutions for cinemas. In fact recent numbers are highlighting that for some segments of the population; there is a trend towards only purchasing movie tickets with mobile devices.

Using mobile devices such as iPhones, BlackBerry phones, android phones and tablets such as iPads – consumers are able to search for, find and purchase tickets for movies. In fact with the latest in mobile apps that are easily downloaded and installed onto mobile phones, users can even read reviews, search for movie theatres, and post their own feedback on the movie.

However, a review of some leading mobile movie ticket websites reveal that consumers still do have concerns about the security of their purchases, with many users still having questions about how they can access their tickets. This is where it is important for mobile app developers to have fully-integrated online payment solutions. A typical user who has decided to purchase tickets with their mobile phone wants to do it quickly and painlessly. This can be done with proven and secure online payment solutions.

Perhaps the biggest barrier to entry in taking mobile movie ticketing from a trend to a standard is in the delivery of tickets. This is where the latest in movie ticket apps comes in – these apps will have integrated bar codes or make use of QR codes – these images are then scanned at the cinema box office. For some cinemas, users can print their tickets at home and bring these to the cinema.

With the development of mobile apps that allow iPhone and smart phone users to simply click a few links on a specially designed mobile site and then present their mobile device showing the bar or QR code – cinema-goers can get their tickets without ever standing in line. Simultaneously taking advantage of the best in mobile commerce and electronic billing technology.

The mobile eCommerce technology and payment solutions used to provide this convenience to movie-goers is proven. The question that remains is in getting wide-use from movie fans. Pretty much everyone does have a mobile device that is capable of using this technology but still numbers highlight that only around 20 per cent of tickets are being sold via mobile technology.

So is it increased advertising? Or perhaps special savings and promotions attached with buying tickets online? Or maybe it simply requires a reduction in sales kiosks at the cinema that will help nudge consumers along to purchasing their tickets with mobile technology?