Weekly Media & Subscription News Round-up | 11th July, 2016

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 11 July 2016

2016 Olympics, Pay TV Growth & Pop-Up Publishing

MPP Global shares six stories from the last seven days of news affecting the media and subscription industries

Media and publishing industries constantly need to innovate in order to provide fresh content for hungry audiences to consume. This is particularly true in the digital sphere, where online platforms are finding new and exciting ways to broadcast large sporting and cultural events. However, in print publishing, we saw the emergence of a “pop-up” publication in response to Brexit this week.

1. The New European: Why pop-up publications are a good bet for publishers

After a rapid conception-to-production period, “The New European” was released on Friday in response to a niche identified for pro-Europe media reporting. If savvy publishers are quick to identify and exploit gaps in the market, transient ‘pop-up publishing’ could spike consumer interest in declining print publications.

2. 2016 Olympics to be the most digital yet

The means by which consumers access the Summer Olympics are predicted to be revolutionary. The survey finds that millions are less likely to watch via TV but will, instead, turn to other non-traditional platforms across multiple screens. More exciting is the prospect of VR programming – predicted to be the ‘next big thing’ in digital.

3. Global television subscriber numbers rise by 6.9 million

Q1 of 2016 saw Pay TV subscribers within the top 100 services grow by 1.7% worldwide. The Asia Pacific region exhibited the biggest quarterly increase with 5.35 million new subscribers, whilst growth in mature North American markets are relatively saturated. The Asia Pacific region is the engine for the world’s pay TV industry and will be responsible for leading economic growth for the next 30 years. We are seeing a range of new digital and direct-to-home services, such as the new Danet OTT service that MPP Global and eSuite are powering in Vietnam for an audience that can reach 90m viewers.

4. To make money, online publishers need to offer a trial period

Freemium models enable readers to build their reading habits before they commit to a subscription service. By identifying subject niches and profiling consumer behaviour with metering or tailored subscription packages, publishers can successfully transition readers accessing content from free to fee.

5. INMA Website re-launch adds new value to global membership

The complete redesign and content update on the INMA website is now complete after a year in production. With member-provided case studies, strategic reports, a peer-to-peer member directory, and archives of best practices, conference presentations, videos, and industry headlines, INMA has redefined how it presents itself as an industry thought leader.

6. IBM survey says ads are the biggest reason people consider cancelling their streaming video services

Excessive online advertising during video streaming was reported the”most likely” reason for churn from a subscription service, whilst cost, lack of choice and slow buffering were the next popular causes, respectively. OTT video providers need to continue to profile consumers and monitor reasons for churn in order to act to reduce subscription drop-offs.