The Future is Mobile

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 01 December 2011

The approach of the holiday period, Thanksgiving in the USA has just past and Christmas is coming quickly, is highlighting the need for companies to switch on to modern technology as news comes each day of the huge rise in mCommerce.

It is a change that companies must adopt to keep pace with their competition or flounder in the difficult economic times that stubbornly refuse to go, post Credit Crunch.

However it is not just the modern technology that is required; statistics show that the impact of the social media is growing at a rapid pace and not just among the young. The elderly have switched on to the concept and this is bound to give a further boost to eCommerce retail figures even when the Christmas rush is over.

In the face of this change in society, the CEO’S “All I want for Christmas” is help; help from eCommerce solutions experts to see whether company systems have kept pace with change and help with the instincts of the staff who have been conditioned to meet and greet, and actually talk to consumers rather than communicate with a screen.

Many of the old ways in which business was conducted are now obsolete in the 21st Century with the developments in technology and the internet. The customer now expects to get immediate service and response to their opinions and requests and with so many accessing the social media, the contact a company may have with its customers comes in a completely different form.

A successful business needs most of the same ingredients it has always needed; goods and services in demand, a proper financial structure, forecasts and cash flows, dynamic leadership. That leadership needs the skills and perception to engage the technological experts to advise on eCommerce solutions. There is no need for personal expertise, just the need to recognise how to remain competitive.

The expertise within the organisation is the recognition that the culture of the business has changed and the staff need to change accordingly. As users of social media, the staff will understand things, perhaps more than the CEO if only because it may have more time to engage than the busy CEO with problems of leadership, a Board of Directors and shareholders.

Only recently there have been announcements from a number of brands investigating change. Debenhams intends to look at the payment of goods in store using mobile phones as a result of research suggesting that by 2015, that will be the primary method in which the UK consumer expects to make purchases. With Debenhams expecting to trial in store mCommerce purchasing shortly, Starbucks have also announced the first iPhone payment system to hit the high street.

Despite outstanding issues still needing resolution with NFC Technology it is clear that with the ever growing popularity of mCommerceand payments anywhere brans must heed the call of the consumer and ensure that their future is mobile.