The Mobile Revolution

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 23 June 2011

Mobile devices have recently been hitting headlines, from contactless payment too app development. Smartphones are becoming essential tools within businesses worldwide, so we must ask ourselves are they integral for successful business, and what will this mean for data security?

By 2012 statistics show that 50% of businesses will use mobiles for working remotely, with 51% preferring to travel with a mobile device than a laptop. It is easy to understand why businesses use mobile devices – Groupon see 50% of their sales being made on a mobile within 2 years, plus mobiles have access to an audience during personal time where all other advertising media cannot gain access. Furthermore, with the app market thriving with hundreds of thousands of apps designed for fun and functionality, is it any surprise that apps can provide us solutions that a computer programme would take a long time and a larger price bracket to do? 95% of small businesses now rely on wireless devices and the technology it provides with 60% unable to function without it this means work can now be taken home, taken out, and taken about – on the move with you; providing better communication for a business and invaluable tools for mobile employees.

The success of these devices is followed closely by the inherent security risks associated with cloud software and open access networks. Smartphones are the most popular device for mobile browsing, with many users utilising free WiFi services that are provided whilst on the move, however many are also naïve of the detrimental effect this can have on their personal and business data security. As open networks keep your details in the cloud space for up to two weeks after you have left the network, a hacker can gain access to multiple user data at a later date. Recent security breaches at Sony, Sega and iTunes demonstrate this vulnerability. With smartphone users increasingly purchasing movies, music and games via their phones,  it is imperative that Media and Entertainment companies place mobile security as paramount importance.

However, the development and transition to monetisation of mobile device content should not be hindered due to security worries because they can provide a breadth of skilled and effective tools for business and personal use. Here at MPP Global Solutions security is our biggest priority and our eCommerce payment solutions effectively monetise digital content on the move whilst ensuring customer data is protected.