Three-Quarters of UK Adults Go Online Every Day

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Almost three-quarters of adults in the UK are accessing the internet everyday and eCommerce is booming as a result.

This is according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics, which revealed 73 per cent of people are now online on a daily basis, compared to a meagre 53 per cent in 2008.

Because of this rise in usage, digital business is increasing. For example, 72 per cent of consumers have now purchased goods and services online, while 21 per cent are even using it to order their groceries.

In the UK, 83 per cent of households, which equates to around 21 million, have access to the internet and 42 per cent do so using quick broadband connections.

While 66 per cent of individuals are using the internet to get information about future shopping purchases, a further 55 per cent are accessing news and magazine websites.

Sales of physical newspapers and magazines have slowly been dropping over the last few years as digital media begins to take centre stage.

For example, as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones become much more prominent, people will be accessing their news on the go and publishers will need to jump on board in order to avoid being left behind.

However, monetising a digital version of a newspaper or magazine can be difficult and there are several methods in doing so. Some choose to have an account-based free site that is funded through advertisements alone, while others implement a paywall feature.

Creating a subscription-based service requires an integrated solution so consumers can quickly make a payment online. As people obtain their news from tablets, smartphones and PCs, the news and online payment solution needs to be implemented across all devices to make the user’s experience more efficient.

As internet availability increases, publishers will be exploring ways to boost their online content and with more consumers now willing to pay for their news on the internet instead of from a newsagent, there are many opportunities for monetisation available.