BSkyB Publications Select MPP Global As Its Mobile Partner

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Saturday, 12 January 2008

BSkyB Publications, the publication arm of BSkyB, has chosen MPP Global’s txt2 mobile platform to provide its growing community with the ability to interact with its stable of magazines via SMS. The move will see Sky Magazines, starting with the December Sky Sports Magazine, using mobile marketing in a range of innovative ways from simple SMS competitions, to customers being able to request information from Sky.

The txt2 services that Sky will use include ‘txt2win’ where Sky will use SMS to run competitions and the entry is paid for by Reverse Billing SMS.  Sky Magazine readers will also be able to respond to adverts and request email responses containing rich content such as audio and video streaming, digital publications or html  via the’txt2mail’ service. Additional services include ‘tx2post’, which requests a consumer’s address so that brochures or product samples can be fulfilled by post, ‘txt2call’ where consumers can register interest in products or services and request a call back at a convenient time and ‘txt2vote’ where Sky can use SMS for polling consumers’ opinions.

Paul Johnson, Director atMPP Global said: “We are thrilled to be providing mobile services for BSkyB Publications and look forward to working with them on numerous mobile campaigns over the next 12 months”.

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