Chrysalis Radio and MPP Global Link to Offer Music Downloads to Mobile

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 07 April 2005

In the first commercial radio activity of its kind, Chrysalis Radio announced the successful launch of a Motorola sponsored full-song-download promotion using MPP’s Music Download service.

The promotion launched across the Galaxy Network over the May bank holiday weekend as the culmination of 3 weeks’ voting by Galaxy listeners for their ‘Top Galaxy Anthems’. Five top tracks were made available to download using MPP’s txt-a-song service, with files provided in a variety of DRM-protected formats to ensure maximum device compatibility.

The txt-a-song service encourages impulse purchasing when fans first hear a track and are most likely to respond. Ordering couldn’t be simpler with the consumer texting a keyword to a mobile shortcode and fulfilment is immediate with consumers receiving a real-time text response allowing them to download the song immediately to their mobile phone, or instructing them how to download music to their PC.

This is the first time that a commercial UK radio station has run a full song download service via mobile and is only the beginning of many alternative mobile services that Chrysalis Radio listeners will soon be enjoying.

Ian James, Managing Director of Chrysalis Mobile, said: “We are innovative in the ways to interact with our listeners and for them to feel a part of the station they listen to on a daily basis. In conjunction with our listener vote we are able to further interact with the listener by having relevant content available which listeners can purchase using a simple call to action.”

“We’re delighted to be working on this project with Galaxy and further maximising the capability of our iShop platform for the sale via any channel, of any digital, mobile or physical product.” says MPP’s Managing Director, Paul Johnson.