DC Thomson Launches Enhanced Paid Content Services with MPP Global

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 06 June 2017

DC Thomson, one of the UK’s leading publishers, has selected MPP Global as it enhances its digital services with a new metering, subscription and eCommerce platform.

Enhancing the Paid Content Service

With a position as one of the top publishers in the UK, DC Thomson has grown a substantial audience across both its print and digital services. While the publisher had already employed a paid content strategy, DC Thomson saw the requirement to enhance its services and benefit from greater platform flexibility.

In order to provide its audiences with the best user experience, the publisher required a technology vendor with experience, industry insight and a dedicated local support team. This led DC Thomson to MPP Global, who empower publishers including The Daily Mail, Winnipeg Free Press and McClatchy, to monetize digital content and physical publications with eSuite, an advanced eCommerce platform enabling publishers to identify, engage and convert consumers into paying customers.

Customer Insight

A key requirement for DC Thomson was to better understand their audience. With the implementation of eSuite, all DC Thomson’s customer and payment information will be centralized. eSuite integrates with the publisher’s single customer view, and provides efficient access for customer support, clear identification of Customer Lifetime Value and simplified reporting, which can be used to give powerful insight and shape business decisions.

Leveraging eSuite’s Intelligence & Decisioning module, the publisher will provide metered access to three of its largest sites, resulting in consumers being able to read a set number of pages before being required to register and pay for content. DC Thomson will also be using this functionality to collect information about its consumers, such as the type of content they are reading and the device they are using, whilst at the same time creating a digital fingerprint to collect this information with the consumer remaining anonymous. This data will enrich consumer profiles and enable the publisher to understand its audience like never before, which will play a key role in optimizing the products and services on offer.

Utilizing this audience insight, DC Thomson can create tailored offers and promotions using the Acquisition and Conversion module. This functionality enables the publisher to attract consumers to the different services with promotions, such as a discounted subscription or trial periods, optimizing the conversion of consumers into paying customers.

Subscription and Identity Management

By integrating social sign-on capability with eSuite, DC Thomson can create and develop profiles for its paywall customers in a single location. Using the capabilities within the Identity and CRM module, the publisher can manage its subscribers efficiently and have access to their information to help understand their habits and engagement with the service.

DC Thomson can also utilize the Analytics and Reporting module to extract relevant insights, providing a snapshot to quickly identify performance trends. With this level of insight, the publisher can formulate business decisions based on its audience and their habits, helping to maintain subscriber engagement and create subscriber-focused products and services.


Speaking on the project, Kirsten Morrison, Head of Digital at DC Thomson, said: “While we have been offering paid content for some time, we are excited to now be providing our consumers and subscribers with an enhanced and more flexible service.

“The integration of eSuite with our other platforms provides us with a centralized view of our consumers to help enrich consumer profiles and drive optimization of our products and services.”

Paul Johnson, CEO at MPP Global, stated: “This project with DC Thomson further supports the fact that paid content needs to be incorporated into publishing strategies.

“MPP Global is dedicated to providing media and publishing organizations with the tools and technology they need to enhance online and offline services, with eSuite providing the functionality publishers need to manage and engage their audiences throughout the complete subscriber lifecycle.”