Le Parisien Launches New Subscription Offering With MPP Global’s eSuite

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Hot on the heels of launching new monetisation services with L’Équipe in October, Amaury Group has launched similar services with Le Parisien, the daily French newspaper which covers local, national and international topics. Powered by MPP Global’s eSuite, the service provides Identity Management, CRM and eCommerce facilities to monetise both print and digital versions of the famous newspaper.

Amaury, one of the largest publishing houses in France, has today announced it is leveraging MPP Global’s eSuite and its range of modules to support the migration of existing Le Parisien subscribers into eSuite, ensuring the centralisation of all relevant customer information and payment details. The Identity Management and CRM module enables the complete customer lifecycle which seamlessly takes customers on a journey from readers to paying subscribers.

Amaury has transformed itself over the past year to ensure that all of its solutions are cloud-based, in a bid to deepen customer relationships, rapidly commercialise new product and digital publishing services, and oversee the management of paid digital offers through a single platform. This includes registration, payment, promotions and CRM services for multiple brands, including L’Équipe and Le Parisien across web, mobile and tablet.

The CRM solution will provide Amaury with an increased level of customer insight using the centralised view of all subscribers across digital and print. Customers can self-manage their account using customised “self-service”, drastically reducing Amaury’s subscription management resource. If customers do require Support Agent contact, eSuite HQ is delivered out-of-the-box for Amaury to quickly and efficiently manage customers.

L’Équipe customers are now able to buy an all-encompassing monthly subscription, or, for the first time, individual articles throughout the website. They can pay for small pieces of low value content using eSuite’s micropayment engine, leveraging a prepaid e-wallet which stores service credits, purchased via credit card.

eSuite manages all entitlements, including single edition entitlements for print subscribers, and enables customers to make quick “one-click” transactions for repeat purchases.

Amaury is able to accept payment transactions services through a more traditional method in contrast to online payment solutions using eSuite’s built-in support for offline payments. Amaury can also create a range of incentives, such as trial periods, product discounting and bundling, to incentivise users into buying products and generate additional revenues by developing target engagement around new services or digital or physical products.

The project also sees Le Parisien acquire the same rich functionality as its L’Équipe service. The platform provides a raft of reporting tools and pertinent analytics which can be used to drive business decisions and strategy.

Philippe Carli, Chief Executive Officer at Amaury, said: “We selected MPP Global for their proven track record for enabling publishers around the world to successfully pivot their business to the paid content business model. The project teams at Amaury and MPP Global have worked well in setting up the new services for Le Parisien and L’Équipe, where we hope to see significant new revenues thanks to the new functionality we now have available.

“I’m confident MPP Global will continue helping us drive business transformation in line with our strategy to continually innovate.”

Paul Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at MPP Global, said: “We have provided Amaury with a more focused customer-journey across its services. With this innovative new monetisation strategy, we look forward to seeing a huge increase in Amaury’s digital content revenues as we support the company in this major venture.”