MPP Global & Deltatre Combine to Add Cutting Edge Synergy to Sports Broadcasting

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 09 June 2014

Deltatre, the global leader for sports business broadcasters, is continuing its partnership with MPP Global to deliver its eCommerce and customer relationship management (CRM) system, eSuite, for use with the firm’s own digital broadcasting tools.

Deltatre has selected MPP Global to bring a number of key benefits through the synergy between MPP Global’s award-winning eSuite technology and its own advanced video platform, Diva.

Diva is the most powerful digital application in the sporting world, and its combination of data, video and social integration enables fans to connect and engage with sports like never before through a number of rights owners.

The partnership and link with MPP Global will deliver a number of benefits to Deltatre, including enabling the company to connect with audiences on a number of platforms, generate a higher return on investment (ROI) and deliver brand differentiation through the provision of a unique and superior experience.

Other benefits generated by the linking of eSuite and Diva will include the seamless integration in digital properties, longer and better engagement with customers and the ability to enable monetisation.

Today’s sporting world is a multi-platform environment, and content is now viewed in more ways than ever before. It’s no longer about broadcasting sports only via TV, as figures from Comigo show. In the upcoming FIFA World Cup, surveys show that 63 per cent of people intend to watch highlights on a computer, while 23 per cent plan to do so on smartphones and 25 per cent will use a tablet device.

As a result of this multi-platform revolution, Deltatre and MPP Globalhave come together to enable rights holders to monetise their sports properties across a range of devices to deliver an immersive fan experience on every platform.

While Deltatre’s system enables for all of the infrastructure to deliver major sporting events, be they live or recorded, MPP Global’s eSuite enables for the monetisation of these broadcasts through offering a CRM and eCommerce platform through the likes of subscriptions, season passes and pay-per-view models.

Payment types involved in the partnership include VOD and subscription services, which Deltatre has prior experience of through its work with major sports broadcasters.

The Now TV Sky Sports Day Pass employs the eAnywhere, eDeveloper, eShop and ePayment modules of eSuite. This enables Sky to offer easy access and flexible pricing packages whilst still providing the highest levels of security.

MPP Global’s eSuite also enables for the handling of very high transaction volumes, and all of this rich and robust functionality will be brought to the table through the partnership with Deltatre.

MPP Global’s platform, which has been designed for the media and entertainment industry, combined with the myriad of functions of Diva, has a number of fantastic opportunities for companies operating in the sports industry. As a result, the pair will be looking to branch out to the sports industry.

Paul Johnson, CEO at MPP Global, said: “We are looking forward to continuing our exciting partnership with Deltatre to offer an innovative monetisation opportunity.

“The sports world is becoming increasingly multi-platform, and with users looking to use a wide range of devices to view and engage with their favourite events, it presents an exciting opportunity for the synergy between Diva and eSuite.”

Tomas Robertsson, Commercial Director (North America) at Deltatre, said: “The functionality offered by the partnership between Deltatre and MPP Globalenables us to take sports broadcasting into the future.

“With Deltatre’s ability to provide digital broadcasting across a range of platforms and MPP Global’s eSuite, we can take advantage of the emerging business models made possible by interactive multi-platform television.”

TV of Tomorrow Show – 10th – 11th June

Deltatre will be joining MPP Global at the TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco on the 10th and 11th June, where the companies will be showcasing their specialisms to firms in the cable, telecommunications and satellite industries.

Operators in these industries, as well as broadcasters and studios, Connected TV and OTT specialists will be given an understanding of the pressing technological and marketing challenges that need to be overcome as television becomes interactive, social and multi-platform.

MPP Global and Deltatre will also be showcasing the emerging business models that are made possible by interactive multi-platform television and the business opportunities these present, as well as an insider’s look at some cutting-edge interactive/multi-platform TV technologies that are currently in stealth mode.

Finally, attendees will have the chance to meet in person, engage in dialogue with, and even influence MPP Global and Deltatre, two of the market leaders in the interactive multi-platform TV universe today.