MPP Global Announces Launch of New Metering & Entitlements Module

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 17 March 2015

With traditional business models in a state of transformation, more and more media companies are moving from just selling physical products, packages and separate ‘all-you-can-eat’ digital subscriptions to combinations of digital and physical bundles with freemium, metered, paywall, and hybrid options.

MPP Global’s Metering & Entitlements module, which forms part of the company’s eSuite platform, provides high performance, is highly scalable and offers flexible services for controlling consumer access to website and application content. The most common use of the Metering & Entitlements module is to enable consumers to enjoy free access to content for a specific period of time or to specific content areas before requesting the consumer to register or subscribe.

The metering technology can also be used to collect business intelligence in order to better understand the behaviours and demographics of anonymous website visitors so that you can start building a profile around the content that these visitors are consuming, the device they are using, their location and many other key marketing metrics. This information can be collected, analysed and used to create compelling incentives to motivate anonymous visitors to become registered users and, ultimately, paying customers. The Metering & Entitlements module is commonly used in datawall, signwall, paywall, and sharewall implementations.

The Metering & Entitlements module is compatible with all common Content Management Systems (CMSs) and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Working in conjunction with the metering component or standalone, the entitlement management component of the Metering & Entitlements module enables access restrictions to be built into websites and applications with entitlements automatically assigned to anonymous visitors or registered customers.

The module provides granular intelligence on audience profiles and collects valuable data and insights about consumer behaviour. It also provides a clear view of the consumers visiting the website, how they found it, what device they use, common traffic patterns for individual users, the most popular pages and what particular content interests them.

Marketers can easily define custom meter rules that best fit their needs: a generic article count, time-based, geo-location rules. A meter can provide different counts of content based on the time of the day, the category of the content or device being used. For video, it is possible to provide anonymous visitors to, say, 60 minutes of freemium content per month before the meter threshold is reached and the visitor is asked to register or pay. The possibilities are almost endless and can be adapted to suit every business model.

Speaking about the new service, Paul Johnson, CEO at MPP Global said: “The conversation between business and consumer no longer needs to start and finish at the check-out. Organisations are able to collect valuable data and insights about their consumers’ behaviour, assets and preferences, opening the door to recurring revenue and contextual upselling opportunities.”

The Metering & Entitlements module is tightly coupled to eSuite’s other modules, combining to deliver the only fully integrated cloud Identity Management, CRM and eCommerce platform for the media and entertainment industry.