MPP Global Bridges the Innovation Gap by Centralising Physical and Digital Subscriber Management and Billing in a Single Cloud Platform

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 17 January 2019

MPP Global is proud to announce the launch of pivotal new functionality which enables media organisations to seamlessly create and manage the sale of physical subscriptions. This positions eSuite as the complete physical and digital subscription management solution.

The development of this industry-first functionality was borne out of the increasing number of publishers experiencing challenges when managing multiple systems for deploying bundled print and digital subscriptions.

This approach is inflexible for the publisher and ultimately limits choice for their customers, restricting the ability to seamlessly create and offer digital and print subscription bundles.

Despite the increased consumer uptake of digital subscriptions reported in recent months, print still accounts for almost 90% of overall circulation revenues for the global publishing industry. To drive reader revenues successfully, publishers therefore require functionality to execute complementary print and digital subscription strategies. Such functionality also ensures publishers are well placed for any future shift towards a greater adoption of digital-only subscriptions, article and time-based business models.

The digital-only subscription management systems used by many publishers are unable to successfully cater for print subscriptions, and vice versa. Fulfilling digital and print subscriptions forces many publishers to adopt separate platforms or operate a complex tech stack, taking extra operational resource and incurring additional costs.

The inflexibility of legacy infrastructures, coupled with discontinued support from major vendors for physical and print subscriptions, has also made it increasingly difficult for media organisations to launch bundled subscription products, deploy and amend product packages in real-time. This often becomes a time-consuming manual exercise with increased error margins.

In response to this, MPP Global has worked with its vast media client base to develop a rich set of features for eSuite, enabling the successful launch of print, digital and bundled packages in a matter of minutes and using a single cloud platform.

eSuite now offers complete subscription management for bundles, which include a combination of digital, print and physical products. This removes the need for complex integrations between external, disparate systems and results in improved operational efficiency, increased speed-to-market and reduced cost of ownership.

Media organisations can quickly and easily deploy new products and services, accessing a single, central system for customer, fulfilment and entitlement management and reporting, with a wide range of global payment options, including offline, local and alternative payment methods.

Paul Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder, MPP Global, said: “We’re really excited to announce the launch of Physical Subscriptions, the single biggest release of new features ever for the eSuite platform. The update originates from our rich experience within the media industry, especially the Publishing, OTT and Sport sectors, providing our product teams with the vision and foresight needed to develop functionality that supports the entire lifecycle of digital and physical subscribers.

“With the Physical Subscriptions feature update, our clients can create pre-defined digital and physical product bundles or enable customers to build their own bundles using streamlined cart functionality. For the Publishing sector, we incorporated publication schedules to provide our clients with the ability to flexibly manage their unique publication dates. Flexible delivery schedules can also be set-up, so that customers can choose to have deliveries made on any day and frequency; for example, at the weekend or on weekdays only. Subscription holidays, temporary delivery redirection and multiple addresses are other features.

“With the addition of this functionality into eSuite’s six comprehensive modules, Physical Subscriptions truly combines the complete management of both physical and digital subscribers into one centralised platform.”

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