MPP Global Complementing CRM Solutions with eRegister

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 10 October 2013

MPP Global, the leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), payment and eCommerce solutions to the media and entertainment sectors, has successfully been running its eSuite service for over 13 years.

MPP Global is much more than just a payment provider and also offers the deepest and most insightful CRM system in the market. MPP Global’s CRM provides a “single-customer-view” of registrations & subscriptions cross-platform – this is great for publishers with multiple data-silos & cross-brand customers. For example, a daily newspaper can centralise their print, online, apps, fantasy football, dating, jobs and marketing data by using MPP Global. The publisher can then understand and report on each customer or segment, improve targeted marketing and increase cross-sales.

MPP Global also can provide all the necessary tools required to operate an enterprise level CRM – registration, authentication and identity management solution. Using the eHQ product, this becomes a managed service where major components such as usernames and passwords can be created and hosted in the MPP Global platform. Meanwhile, eDeveloper APIs are used to log the user in to a website or service.

Whilst MPP Global’s CRM platform can be used as a standalone CRM platform it is also possible to integrate the solution with existing or 3rd party technologies, such as Salesforce, which can be ‘plugged in’ to enhance the overall CRM solution.

This is done using MPP Global’s Golden Key, an irrevocable unique link between customer data in an external CRM system and their corresponding payment account in the MPP Global system. In most cases the Golden Key is the Account ID of a customer in the existing CRM system, which is replicated and held in the MPP Global system as a ClientUserID.

Permanently linking the ClientUserID against a customer’s Payment Account makes it incredibly easy to carry out a range of functions – such as retrieving profile information, implementing one-click payments and identifying subscription status’ – against the payment account by simply passing the ClientUserID in application programming interface (API) requests.

One MPP Global product that is crucial in CRM process is eRegister, which enters customer data into a rich database. This information includes fields such as First Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Email Address and Password; and can also manage marketing preferences and any required opt-ins and opt-outs.

eRegister is a tried and tested product that has been empowering clients to maximise data collection and user analytics as part of the eSuite platform since its inception. It seamlessly works alongside ePayment when a registration is followed by an online transaction or subscription to a paid service and like all of MPP Global’s products it is fully branded to the client’s look and feel requirements.

To make this process even easier, MPP Global also provides a Social Sign-On service that allows a user to register and login using their existing username and password from increasingly influential social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Device management is another key area MPP Globalhas added to the eSuite platform, enabling clients to manage and enforce rules that limit access to content on a prescribed number of devices in a given period, or to specific devices that are fixed against the account. When a consumer attempts to access content on a particular device, an entitlement check takes place where the client passes the device identifier to MPP Global. If this identifier is stored against the entitlement the client can allow access and if not it can be denied. This information is passed into the eRegister module and when the user returns to the service after the preliminary registration they simply have to use their social login details to gain access.

Paul Johnson, CEO of MPP Global said: “With MPP Global’s Customer Relationship Management system, clients can either integrate their existing platform or have a new one set up from scratch. Combined with eRegister, which seamlessly integrates into the existing websites, clients can manage their customer base much more effectively than ever before.”

“MPP Global delivers much more than just a payment solution and has a CRM model to suit any company, with innovative products that offer a full end-to-end solution that will stand the test of time.  With MPP Global, all CRM, payment and customer support needs are successfully managed under one roof.”