MPP Global Enhances Experience Optimization Capability, Enabling Media Companies to Increase Subscriber Revenues and Engagement through Hyper Personalization 

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 03 October 2019

MPP Global has announced enhanced Experience Optimization capability, a feature-set enabling media companies to craft tailored subscription marketing campaigns to boost acquisition of new subscribers and re-engage current subscribers with hyper-personalized products, pricing and promotions.

The additional capability extends eSuite’s existing Intelligence & Decisioning module that provides access control and metering. Media companies now have the ability to utilize their content and products created within eSuite in tailored customer experiences, triggering content and product recommendations to different audience segments in the form of dynamic paywalls and targeted overlays.

eSuite administrators can create multiple touchpoints for visitors and existing subscribers, surfacing personalized content, promotions, products, prices, currencies, languages and beyond. This hits the right audiences at integral points throughout the user journey, with the end goal of increasing acquisition and maximizing revenues.

Products and promotions are triggered when consumer intent, content affinity, product popularity or a number of other factors reach propensity thresholds. The functionality also helps companies to nurture current subscribers and maximize their lifetime value by providing upsell and win-back opportunities, while it enables the creation of trigger points to automatically display content and products which we know consumers are interested.

Behind the scenes, this major update empowers Marketers, Data Analysts and Customer Experience teams to ‘sense and adjust’ with subscription marketing campaigns, with features such as A/B multivariate testing, to understand the effectiveness of surfacing specific products and promotions to segmented audiences. Detailed reports and analytics offer data-informed guidance when refining campaigns. Additionally, thanks to out-of-the-box templates, personalizing subscriber experiences is now possible without a dependency on software developers or graphic designers.

Chris Cheney, CTO and Co-Founder, MPP Global, said:

With enhanced Experience Optimization capabilityit gives our clients even more flexibility to optimize their acquisition and retention strategies. We are continually developing eSuite as a true end-to-end platform, with a rich feature-set through front-end personalization, subscriber management and billing and retention and recovery functionality. All of this givemedia companies the latest competitive advantages in their markets and the benefit of huge operational efficiency gains.

Read the Experience Optimization factsheet to find out more about eSuite’s latest functionality update.

Read the Experience Optimization Factsheet