MPP Global and Medien System Haus Announce Partnership to Offer Seamless SAP Platform Integrations via API

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 30 October 2018

MPP Global is pleased to announce their partnership with Medien System Haus (MSH), a leading provider of process consulting, product development and managed IT services to the German media industry.

MSH enhances and streamlines media companies’ existing software structures with purpose-built applications, integrated partner solutions and operational support services.

MPP Global and MSH acknowledge the growing demand for publishers to drive reader revenues with digital subscriptions. However, many publishers’ digital growth ambitions are being restricted by their current media systems.

Ana Lobb, VP, Media & Publishing, Europe, MPP Global explains:

“For many publishers, their ERP system is their backbone. As digital transformation becomes more important for modern publishers, there is an urgency to have updated platforms in place to support increased speed to market.

“eSuite gives publishers much of the functionality required to initiate digital transformation; to increase reader revenues, manage the customer journey and reduce subscriber churn.

“Unfortunately, it’s quite common for publishers using ERP systems such as SAP to encounter integration issues when adding functionality from platforms such as eSuite. The backbone ERP system can become slow and difficult to maintain, which makes it particularly challenging for publishers to successfully adapt to changing market trends.”

To provide publishers using SAP ERP and media systems with the subscription capabilities they need to digitally transform, MPP Global and MSH will work together to design, create and implement new functionalities via a modern, flexible API.

Both businesses agreed there were benefits to taking a joint market approach to enhance publishers’ system landscapes without impacting core business processes.

MSH will develop an API to connect MPP Global’s eSuite platform out-of-the-box to any pre-existing SAP infrastructures. This gives publishers the flexible interface and feature-rich functionality needed to launch digital transformation strategies.

Speaking about the new partnership with MPP Global, Silke Nixdorf, CEO, MSH, said:

“We believe that SAP Media will still play an important role concerning a stable ERP backbone, and providing media-specific processes concerning ads and circulation. But, digital businesses require a new system architecture with seamless integration of modern software solutions like eSuite, which addresses customers’ needs perfectly. We are delighted to drive business together with MPP Global.”

Paul Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder, MPP Global, said:

“This is one of many new publishing partnerships we have forged in the publishing space in 2018, as our client base’s requirements continue to diversify.

“Digital transformation models are essential for publishers to thrive. Our partnership with MSH enables us to bridge the innovation gap to improve operational efficiency and speed to market for publishers, further expanding eSuite’s suitability for those based in Germany and German-speaking markets.”