MPP Global Goes Social with Gigya Partnership

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 23 September 2014

MPP Global, the leading provider of CRM and eCommerce solutions to the world’s most powerful media and entertainment companies, is harnessing the power of Gigya’s Social Login to create a ready-made identity management solution that enables companies to build powerfully data rich user profiles.

The partnership will enable MPP Global to ‘bolt on’ Gigya’s Social Login to the front of its cloud-based eSuite platform, the leading platform for empowering paid content strategies.

Social Login enables users to authenticate their identities on websites and applications using a preferred social network account. In addition to quick and seamless login experience, Social Login allows users to provide businesses with permission-based data that enables companies to create completely personalised user experiences.

Among its many advantages, Gigya’s platform gives website users the option to link existing site accounts with one or more social accounts, increasing flexibility while keeping all their information in one place. Gigya automatically updates its Social Login product to support changes to social network APIs, ensuring a smooth authentication experience for users.

Social Login enhances eSuite’s existing identity management ecosystem, which is already set up so media and entertainment companies can create rich user profiles that extend across their business.

Combined with MPP Global’s existing eCommerce solutions, such as its paywall and metering functionality, media and entertainment companies will have a unique, ready-made system that reduces a number of pain points. For example, users can log in with one-click, reducing forgotten password and username retrieval support and increasing registration rates.

By easing the registration and authentication process for consumers, it enables the full set of eSuite modules to deliver to their maximum potential. In short, Social Login from Gigya is the perfect fit for MPP Global’s CRM and eCommerce platform.

Social Login enables the website to access rich, first-party social data such as interests, demographics, education, social connections and work history.

This can help paid content strategies by enabling media and entertainment companies to deliver hyper-relevant content to subscribers, create targeted email marketing campaigns, source friend activity and target influential users.

“MPP Global and Gigya can do more collectively than working apart by bringing together different elements that gel into a complete CRM and eCommerce ecosystem with a pre-integrated social login function,” explains MPP Global’s CEO, Paul Johnson.

“We’re delighted to be able to enhance our cloud-based CRM and eCommerce platform, eSuite, in a way that will benefit both new and existing clients.”

Patrick McCue, vice-president of Global Channels at Gigya, says: “We’re excited to team up with MPP Global in order to help make content more relevant to consumers and more valuable for businesses.”

“With Social Login, media and entertainment companies can target users more directly, enjoy far higher registration rates and reduce support costs while all the time delivering better user experiences.”