MPP Global Launch Dotsoundz, The First Fully Integrated Digital, Mobile And Physical Music Store

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 09 August 2005

MPP Global has designed, developed and launched the first truly integrated music store. The site, which can be found at, combines the sale of CDs, DVDs, polytones, realtones, colour wallpapers and music downloads. The site will soon also feature games and gadgets.

The site provides all elements of MPP Global’s iShop platform and includes eWallet tools for fast, ‘quick-buy’ functionality for simple, repeat purchases. The site also utilises micropayment technology and includes Reverse Billing SMS and Service Credits as well leading CRM tools for the Dotsoundz marketing team to easily send email and SMS communications to customers.

Implementation has been via MPP Global’s iShop Hosted option, offering clients a full end-to-end design and build solution. Content management features enable the client to maintain site content, including list management which means clients can simply control, which products appear in the special offer, new release and featured lists. The iShop Developer Edition provides MPP Global’s clients with API controls to completely embed iShop functionality into their own site.

iShop is equipped with search, navigation, basket and checkout tools for the purchase of any type of physical, digital, mobile or subscription based product or service. This means Music fans can add any combination of digital products (video, CD, music download, ringtone or fan club membership, etc) and pay for them all in one simple checkout process. MPP Global will deliver the music or video download to the consumer’s desktop, a ringtone / game / wallpaper to a mobile phone, a digitized video clip to the fan’s email inbox, subscribe the consumer to an online premium content service and enable delivery of merchandise, such as a CD, through a letterbox all from one transaction. Products can be purchased using a variety of currencies.

iShop provides all payment, shopping basket and physical/digital content management modules. Dotsoundz staff manage iShop products from the MPP Global Management console, gaining access with a username and password. Once logged in, Dotsoundz are able to upload content 24/7 via MPP Global’s easy-to-use web-interface where all physical and digital products are managed such as editing product information, loading digital content, editing pricing, adding/editing categories within the store, availability, postage rules and so on.

Purchase is simple and future shopping is encouraged with a 4-digit PIN system making 1-click transactions possible and repeat transactions in seconds. The fast-buy functionality enables music fans to simply click a “buy-now” button on the site, and for the product to be purchased from their account or by deducting ‘Credits’. No forms to fill in, no credit card details to add, no text to send! Just one click and the product is purchased and made available for download, delivered to the mobile device or alerted to your suppliers regardless of which country they are located in, to deliver merchandise and other physical products.

Paul Johnson, CEO at MPP Global, said: “We’re very proud of the Dotsoundz website as it encompasses pretty much all of the functionality available within the iShop product, resulting in a leading eCommerce solution to a very popular online market.”