MPP Global Power First TV Shopping Channel to Offer Mobile WAP Shopping

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Saturday, 08 January 2005

MPP Global has been chosen to work with the world-leading TV shopping retailer Thane Direct, the first ever shopping channel to offer WAP purchasing. Using MPP Global’s iShop Mobile product, Thane Direct ‘seize the moment’ when viewers first see a product on screen. Consumers use their mobile phone as an additional way of buying products by directly interacting with Thane Direct using text. The viewer texts the keyword SHOP to the mobile shortcode 82540 to initiate the transaction process.

Completing the transaction couldn’t be easier. Payment is made using credit and debit cards, which are stored using MPP Global’s eWallet technology. If users are buying a product for the first time, a WAP page is automatically loaded onto their mobile phone and, like a mini-web page, enables users to securely add credit card information in order to activate their eWallet and carry out their first transaction.

Subsequent purchases are made by simply entering their eWallet PIN, a feature of MPP Global’s eWallet service. With the eWallet Thane Direct remove the barriers and risks of the consumer abandoning the shopping basket by making repeat purchases quick and easy.

MPP Global’s Managing Director Paul Johnson said: “The idea of using the mobile phone to make secure purchases over WAP is a logical progression for Mobile Commerce and represents just part of the massive growth that we are seeing in this marketplace. We are delighted that Thane Direct have chosen to work with MPP Global as we see the TV Shopping market as being an industry that goes hand-in-hand with the technology.”

The initial testing will commence at the beginning of August, on Sky Channels 651 and 654, as well as NTL Cable Channels 907 and 923. The project will list the monthly best sellers on the MPP Global-built, Thane-branded WAP site, enabling viewers to buy the products securely over WAP.

Richard Whinfrey Thane Direct’s Managing Director said: “We are delighted to be the first TV Shopping Channel to offer WAP purchasing to our viewers. Once MPP Global had demonstrated how easy and secure it was to make transactions we were extremely keen to adopt the technology as we see Mobile Commerce as having a huge part to play in our future sales projections.”