MPP Global Provide Payment Tools to Launch Sun Online Premium Content Services

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 22 November 2004, part of The Sun Online Network, is using MPP Global’s iPay developer solution to launch its new interactive online magazine: 3zine.

Introducing premium content using ‘flickable’ page functionality, each edition of 3zine contains a cover shoot, interview, wallpapers, screensavers and stacks more for the Page 3 connoisseur. The first issue even offers a free video running directly off the page and a quiz that matches the reader with their dream Page 3 Girl.

The iPay developer solution enables in-house developers at to access and utilise a wide range of payment and subscription tools instantly. The platform will not only enable Sun Online to set up subscriptions and manage all pricing via a 24/7 management console, but also to set expiry dates and subscription periods for 3Zine. It also provides a plethora of other pay-as-you-go and standard payment options for consumers.

Phase 2 should see MPP Global’s iPay product introduced to more of The Sun’s e-commerce channels to provide its web visitors with easy purchase options for both digital content and physical products. iPay has taken modules from MPP Global’s well establishedeCommerce and macro/micropayment products and combined them to create the ultimate ‘one click’ eWallet. MPP Global can now deliver a music download to the consumer’s desktop, a ringtone to a mobile phone, a digitized video clip to an email inbox, and a CD through a letter box all from one transaction through any medium.

Sun Online’s Digital Sales Director David Roddick said, “MPP Global’s iPay technology will encourage more of our readers to buy online by reducing barriers to purchase. Incorporating MPP Global’s repeat one-click transactions means we are making the process as easy as possible for the consumer. It is an exciting process for everyone involved.” 3Zine went live on November 17 which was the 34th anniversary of the first ever appearance of page 3 in The Sun.