MPP Global Switched On To Connected-TV Explosion

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Sunday, 01 May 2011

MPP Global is predicting Connected-TV will dominate the home entertainment industry in 2011 – opening up huge, new opportunities to monetise digital content.

As the leading advanced eCommerce service provider, MPP Global is already well placed to provide payment and billing solutions to help companies tune into the growth-market of Connected-TV.

Kevin Cochrane, MPP Global’s Commercial Director, said research has estimated the global pay-TV market will be worth a staggering $250bn by 2014.

Kevin said: “The growth in Connected-TV, together with increasing recommendations via social networking sites, is set to present an unparalleled opportunity for companies to monetise their content.

“These are two huge eCommerce growth areas and in 2011, I am confident we will see more and more of an overlap between users of sites such as Facebook and Twitter and the soaring Connected-TV audiences.

“At the click of a button, Connected-TV viewers will be able to purchase goods, play games, stream and download music and videos, access premium sites, renew subscriptions and even vote on a TV show 24-hours a day.”

As an advanced payment technology provider, MPP Global is already able to process a multitude of payments, including credit and debit cards, direct debit, mobile transactions and micropayments via digital set-top boxes /internet-connected TV’s and any other digital channel on the internet or mobile phone.

Its “one-click” capability allows consumers to make “purchases” via Connected-TVs swiftly and securely time and time again without having to enter their payment details more than once.

Kevin added: “At MPP Global we already have a proven track record of providing cloud-based payment platforms for the media industry and our tailored, integrated eCommerce solutions allow broadcasters and IPTV providers to swiftly and securely launch paid-for and OTT services.

“The major role Connected-TV will play in monetising digital content will be the talk of the industry in 2011 and at MPP Global we have worked hard to ensure our clients are in a great position to be able to capitalise on the huge opportunities connected-TV is set to present.”

MPP Global already provides advanced eCommerce solutions for the TV, film, radio, ISP, telco, newspaper and publishing industries and counts Sky, News International and Sony amongst its clients.

If you want to find out about how MPP Global’s range of advanced eCommerce solutions, including integrated payment platforms, micropayments, software development and tailored support systems, can make it easier for you do via Connected-TV then please contact MPP Global.