MPP Global to Support TP Vision’s Important Hotel TV Venture

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 29 April 2014

MPP Global, the leading provider of CRM, Identity Management and eCommerce solutions to the media and entertainment industries, will play a crucial role in TP Vision’s latest venture.

TP Vision, who manufacture and market Philips branded TV sets, will roll out a new wave of Smart TV services across the hospitality sector. This will begin in Europe before eventually covering the globe.

With the global economy continuing to recover, hotel revenues are expected to increase significantly and this should work in favour of TP Vision as the demand for Smart TVs in hotel rooms is set to rise in the near future, as travellers display a growing appetite for video-on-demand services.

Traditionally, hotels have found it challenging and expensive to deliver in-room movie services due to rights and licensing constraints. TP Vision’s Smart TV offering will make the whole process far easier with a centralised database of content and content licensing contracts in place to serve hundreds and even thousands of hotels around the world.

By adopting TP Vision’s Smart TV service, hotel owners can not only offer more engaging on-demand content to guests, they can also update and manage services from a centralised hub, removing the need to make adjustments to TVs in every single room or across a chain of hotels.

TP Vision has chosen to use MPP Global’s landmark eSuite solution in order to ensure its hotel TV venture goes smoothly. Consisting of ePaymenteDevelopereManager and eHQ, this advanced package will enable hotel guests to pay for video content easily and efficiently using their remote control.

TP Vision is looking to provide anonymous transactions that allow hotel guests and business travellers to use on-demand services without having to sign up to a long-term contract. MPP Global’s secure, PCI-compliant ePayment package makes this a simple task.

The company has formed a strong partnership with MPP Globaland it has been impressed with the functionality of eSuite, as well as its adaptability. Its flexibility will be key in this particular venture, as it can be deployed across many countries in many languages and currencies and will also enable TP Vision to maintain its distinctive brand identity with Philips branded TVs.

Albert Mombarg, Head of Smart TV at TP Vision, commented: “We needed a payment and entitlement solution that makes it easy for hotel guests to gain access to TV content and we knew from experience that eSuite was by far the most suitable option.

“Consumers have a real thirst for the latest Hollywood blockbusters and eSuite gives us an opportunity to garner a single view of our customers, which is something that is becoming increasingly important.”

Paul Johnson, CEO of MPP Global, added: “We’re delighted to extend our longstanding partnership with such a high-profile company as TP Vision.

“We’ve already seen that Smart TVs are becoming more popular and with hotel room occupancy rates expected to grow in the coming months, there is a real opportunity for entertainment companies to target their content at tourists and business travellers by leveraging technology innovatively.”