PerceptionTV Partners with MPP Global to Deliver Identity Management, CRM and eCommerce Services

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The PerceptionTV and MPP Global partnership creates an easily deployable solution for global operators looking to adopt a multiscreen TV service with Identity Management, CRM and eCommerce capabilities.

IPTV technology specialist, PerceptionTV and MPP Global, the leading provider of cloud Identity Management, CRM and eCommerce for media and entertainment, have joined forces to provide TV start-ups with the opportunity to offer a complete IPTV/OTT platform with cloud based billing and portal functionality.

MPP Global delivers the only fully integrated cloud Identity Management, CRM and eCommerce platform, eSuite, designed for the media and entertainment industry. From metering and profiling to promotions, payments, subscriptions and analytics, eSuite powers organizations to extract maximum value from their content and embrace monetization opportunities prevalent in today’s digital landscape. Its cloud-based PaaS model is a global framework that covers any currency, any language, as well as all devices, payment types and territories. Applying for global billing licenses can be timely and difficult. Following the integration with PerceptionTV, customers will benefit from a fully functioning platform, removing the need to build a transaction engine from scratch.

The Perception™ platform delivers a complete OTT multiscreen TV service integrating the four key components of TV; live TV, catch-up TV, video-on-demand and cloud-based PVR into one intuitive user-interface. PerceptionTV’s fully scalable cloud-based multiscreen IPTV platform delivers content to any connected device, anywhere, anytime. PerceptionTV allows both established TV providers and start-up businesses to brand the platform.

Perception™ also provides the capability to deliver video entertainment services on a global scale utilizing its regionalization and multi-node functionality. Aligned with MPP Global’s cross border billing capabilities, the overall joint solution provides a true global service platform for providers who wish to outsource the entire solution.

With the help of MPP Global, an operator looking to implement a multiscreen TV solution can now benefit from PerceptionTV’s proficiency to centralize and manage all of their products, pricing plans, offers, free trials and promotions in one place with a highly configurable product catalogue capability.

John Mills, CEO PerceptionTV Ltd. said “The Perception™ platform delivers TV as it should be – intuitive, personalized and with all your viewing in a single user experience whether you’re watching on your TV, mobile or tablet. MPP Global shares this vision, delivering a high quality CRM & eCommerce platform to create a professional, personalized, operational experience. Combining Perception with MPP Global’s award winning services enables us to present an even more comprehensive multiscreen platform to new markets and customers.”

“There’s an intense battle among service providers to deliver a differentiated, value-added multiscreen platform from the cloud – services that businesses depend on.” said Paul Johnson, CEO at MPP Global.

“Together, MPP Global’s comprehensive cloud platform and PerceptionTV’s OTT multiscreen TV service combine the power of two industry leaders to empower and accelerate the growth of service providers.”