Philips Branded Smart TVs to Use MPP Global’s eSuite to Launch New Smart TV Features

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 23 April 2014

MPP Global’s industry-leading eSuite system will play a vital role as TP Vision extends functionality within its Smart TV service.

TP Vision, the Netherlands-based organization which manufactures and markets Philips-branded smart TVs around the world, has a long-standing relationship with MPP Global and has been hugely impressed with the functionality of eSuite since it was first deployed in 2011.

TP Vision is now planning to use the CRM, Identity Management, and eCommerce platform to add new smart TV features such as subscription video-on-demand (SVOD), offers and incentives, and voucher codes to boost take-up rates.

VOD services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and LoveFilm are becoming increasingly popular, one of the reasons why sales of internet-enabled TVs have soared in the past few years.

According to Strategy Analytics, 76 million Smart TVs were shipped across the globe in 2013, which was a 55 percent upturn on the previous year. The entertainment industry has changed dramatically and TP Vision is well positioned to make the most of the Smart TV boom.

Philips-branded TVs take advantage of the growing appetite for digital content by combining TV broadcasting with internet access, a library of apps, VOD services, and social media tools.

With so much competition across the entertainment sector, it is more important than ever that companies ensure their customer experience is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Having used eSuite for 3 years, TP Vision already knows the benefits of a seamless CRM and eCommerce solution that not only gives viewers greater control over what they watch, but also enables the firm to garner a single view of its customers while offering must-have ”one-click” payment capability.

This is where MPP Global’s landmark eSuite offering – which consistsof ePromo, ePayment, eDeveloper, eManager, and eHQ – has made a real difference, enabling the firm to monetize its digital content.

eDeveloper makes it easy for the company to process complex payment and account transactions, while also providing a powerful entitlements engine which acts as a gateway authorizing or declining access to premium content.

The eManager service is designed to give the end-user greater control over their account, which provides for a good experience for customers.

eHQ is a back office management tool that gives TP Vision an opportunity to launch more tailored promotions and marketing campaigns.

Perhaps most importantly,, TP Vision is planning to provide voucher codes for those who sign up for its on-demand services and ePromo makes this entire process very simple, as it makes everything from trial periods to product discounting instantly achievable.

Albert Mombarg, Head of Smart TV at TP Vision, commented: “Having seen first-hand how eSuite works, it was an easy decision to extend our relationship with MPP Global.”

Paul Johnson, CEO of MPP Global, added: “Statistics show that smart TVs are becoming more popular and entertainment companies can take advantage of this.

“That said, monetizing digital content can be easier said than done. By using MPP Global’s eSuite solution, TP Vision can ensure its customers receive a seamless service that enables them to control all of their video content and subscriptions with their remote control.”