Poll of Broadcasters Highlights Digital Impact on Revenue Over The Next 2 Years

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 30 July 2013

68% of Broadcasters Believe 26-50% of Revenue Will Be From Digital Services by 2015 

A vast majority of broadcasters believe 26 to 50 per cent of their revenue will be from digital services by 2015, according to a poll conducted by MPP Global Solutions.  

Some 68 per cent of respondents expect digital services to bring in between a quarter and half of all revenue, while 15 per cent think it will be responsible for 51 to 75 per cent. 

The survey, executed by MPP as part of a webinar addressing the challenges faced by pay TV services, showed that broadcasters are clearly embracing the digital platform as a result of the growing consumer trend. 

With people now consuming their media from a range of platforms, including television, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles, broadcasters must now offer their services to these consumers. 

Last year saw a decrease in TV sales for the first time ever, as people move over to other devices capable of streaming television. In order to offer customers a digital service, organisations must have a customer relationship management programme in place to effectively store user data and efficiently deal with payments on a range of platforms. 

Chief executive officer at MPP Paul Johnson said: “As this poll shows, broadcasters see the growing importance of offering a more flexible service that goes beyond the realm of traditional television. The industry is finding it must move quickly in order to fulfil the needs of the modern, digital and mobile consumer.” 

With an increasing number of people now consuming their media and entertainment online, the TV industry can reap the rewards by offering a great digital service that can be used on a number of devices. 

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