Vision+Media Selects MPP Global To Develop YouView Payment Module

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 10 May 2011

MPP Global has been selected by Vision+Media to develop a payment module to integrate with YouView and other IPTV platforms for a new initiative.

MPP Global, the leading provider of Payment Services and eCommerce Solutions to the media and entertainment Industries are to integrate their eCommerce payment services into various IPTV platforms but with focus on the YouView platform to process payment transactions for on-demand services between consumers and content providers utilising the platform.

IPTV platforms such as YouView enable internet services to be delivered to television sets. Consumers are able to browse the internet, watch video-on-demand and catch-up TV and interact with smart-phone type ‘apps’ all from their TV.

MPP Globalare well placed to integrate with the YouView platform, with a client list including BSkyB, for whom they provide the full online payment and packaging platform to monetise their complete library of digital content. With over 11 years of experience in the field of eCommerce payment solutions, MPP Global has a wealth of expertise in the monetisation of digital content and the effective processing of payment transactions and content entitlement. MPP Global has also recently been recognised as the Best eCommerce Tech Company at a leading Industry Awards ceremony.

Paul Johnson, CEO of MPP Global  said: “MPP Global is delighted to be involved in this initiative looking at the provision of payment services for next generation IPTV and particularly YouView. YouView stands as a major development in the history of IPTV, to be a part of that is testament to the advances MPP Global have made over the last 11 years in providing fully integrated payment and content entitlement services.

“MPP Global is continually developing and optimising the capabilities of our payment solutions. Delivering a breadth of integration across multiple payment types, methods and channels such as IPTV is crucial to the dexterity of our advanced payment product suite.”

Vision+Media aims to support North West digital and creative industries businesses in the development of digital interactive content for emerging IPTV platforms including YouView. Consisting of a series of development projects focused on collaboration between broadcast media and digital businesses utilising IPTV platforms including Youview, MPP Global will demonstrate how payment solutions can be provided to process transaction for content providers for on-demand services.