Device Management

Published on 16/05/2019

eSuite Feature Release
Paid content providers are losing out on substantial subscription revenues due to password-sharing within their customer base. Combat password-sharing, increase ARPU and boost customer loyalty with MPP Global's new feature release: Device Management. This functionality offers media companies the ability to manage devices against their media subscription and take back control of their paid content revenue.

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Combat Password-sharing

Stop losing out on subscription revenues due to customers sharing passwords. Find out how eSuite enables easy device management for media companies.

Increase ARPU & Boost Customer Loyalty

Flexibly price your subscriptions around device management for value-added up-selling. Reward individual customers with personalized device management policies.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce support overheads by empowering customers to manage their own device management policies directly within eSuite's self-care portal.

Seamless Integration & Management

Powered by eSuite's SDK, the Device Management feature comes out-of-the-box. Seamlessly migrate from any existing device management solution and centralize within eSuite.

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