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Published on 20/04/2020

Have you incurred tens of thousands in additional operational costs due to fraudulent activity on your ecommerce website? eSuite SHIELD can protect against reputational damage caused by fraudulent transaction attempts and minimize massive unplanned hikes in operational fees incurred from unwanted payment processing fees,chargebacks and refunds.  Key Benefits: 

  • Cost effective, lightweight solution to protect against mass account creation and transaction attempts 
  • Reduce financial impact of fraudulent transactions attempts, typically pre-auth checks 
  • Mitigate the risk of reputational damage with acquirers and schemes as a potential source of high fraud risk 
  • Ensure data & analytics are accurately reporting legitimate business 

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What this fact sheet includes

Velocity Limit Validation

eSuite SHIELD provides two forms of limit validation, the number of cards that have been added to a specific account is limited to 5, and the number of times an individual card number has been used or attempted is limited to 5 as well.

Account Creation reCAPTCHA

For those who use Google reCAPTCHA on their website, eSuite SHIELD enables clients to send reCAPTCHA tokens via eSuite to validate with Google, preventing mass account creation.

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