First-party Data: Time to Pivot from Firefighting to Strategy

Published on 29/07/2021

Seven Must-Have Subscription Management Capabilities in a First-party Data World.

Google’s decision to delay ending support for third party cookies until 2023 gives publishers a vital opportunity to build holistic, strategic first-party data business models that drive value and sustainable revenue. In this new paradigm, subscription management platforms will play a vital role, enabling publishers to both harvest and act on first-party data. In this guide, we set out the seven must-have capabilities that should shape publishers’ choice of subscription management platform, and the very real benefits that can accrue for those that make the right choices.

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What you'll learn in this guide

Big Change. Bigger Opportunity

Take a look at why publishers must look afresh at the entire customer data and identity ecosystem – across subscriptions and advertising – to put the ability to harvest and act on first-party data front and centre.

Technology Transformation

Explore the flexible, agile and integrated first-party data ecosystems that will replace separate, siloed infrastructures for subscription management and advertising.

Seven Must-Have Subscription Management Capabilities

Discover the critical subscription management capabilities that publishers must have in order to adapt and capitalize on the first-party data revolution.

Subscription Management at the Core

Find out why publishers’ unique role as the owners of identity in the new first-party data universe, means that subscription management solutions will sit at the heart of first-party data ecosystems.

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