A Year Of Disruption: What Have We Learned

In this introductory panel the CEOs at Streann, MPP Global and Jump briefly discussed how lock-down has affected video service providers all over the world, as well as the current state of data-driven video in the world post-covid. Paul Johnson, CEO of MPP Global discussed his analysis of the current situation, and how lockdown has had an impact on video service providers, as well as what we have learnt from this.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

State Of Data Driven Video

A discussion around the current state of affairs across the media industry during lockdown, and how things have been impacted in terms of performance, subscription rates, churn etc.

Forecasted Impact On The Media Industry

What things are going to look live moving forward when it comes to the media world, and how video providers would need to adapt to meet the demands of this changed landscape

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