Around the World in 80 Paid… Content Strategies

Our VP, Media & Publishing, Ana Lobb and PageSuite Business Development Director, Ben Edwards joined forces in 2017 to present the ‘Product & Pricing Strategies You Need to Succeed.’ In 2018’s co-hosted webinar, Ana and Ben present a selection of paid content strategies and products from unique international markets, such as Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East, to see how these stack up against the likes of North America, Scandinavia, mainland Europe and Australia.

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What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Promotions & Incentives

The different types of offers and deals that appeal to different geographic and demographic groups, including big events, bundles, introductory rates, etc.

Expanding into Non-News Revenues

New opportunities for generating revenue, such as hosting local events, city specific networking, awards, licensing branded and white-labelled content.

Finding Your Niche

Examples of how brands have identified what their customers valued most about their publications and focused their efforts in these areas to great effect.

Editorial Partnerships

How editorial and commercial teams can work together to maximise the power of cross-platform opportunities to drive new and maintain existing subscribers.

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