Redrawing the Lines in the Battle for the Living Room

The battle for the living room has been going for decades and can only get more heated as more players join the market, offering consumers ever-expanding amounts of choice over what they watch and when they watch it. The space is increasingly crowded and finding a way to stand out is as much about the technology and service model as the content.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

How the TV Landscape Has Changed

TV is virtually unrecognizable from even a decade ago - in this webinar we discuss what changes have taken place, both in terms of the piece of technology itself and what is viewed, and is viewable, on it. Smart TVs change the picture entirely from the past, hitting cable and satellite providers.

Old Guard v New Entrants

Established providers are having to adapt to changes driven by new players. We consider how the likes of Netflix, Google, HBO, TimeWarner and Sky and others are shaking things up, with technology enabling greater tailoring of services to meet the individual consumer.

Challenges and Opportunities of Connected TVs

It’s a buyer’s market now. Providers have to diversify, moving away from the traditional subscription model to find other ways to monetise content. We look at how this is possible and what makes it still a challenge.

Understanding Consumers

To tailor content and services, providers need to know who their customers are and what they want. Doing this effectively means using data, and realizing that the consumer drives the market and the service. We look at how simple, easy-to-use systems are important in delivering content seamlessly.

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