Optimising the Customer Lifecycle: Online Video Services

MPP Global's VP, TV & Sport, and Data Scientist share insight on the importance of engaging and managing throughout the complete customer lifecycle. During the webinar, we will address the current challenges and opportunities TV & entertainment companies are facing when it comes to their customers, from creating profiles through to retention and reducing churn.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Leveraging Audience Data

Understanding your audiences plays a key role in business decisions and we will explore the different data points available to TV & entertainment companies, the role it can play and how to grow the data access.

Incentivising the Consumer

With an insight into your audience, companies can effectively incentivise the consumer from a free viewer to a paying customer. During the webinar, we will share best practice ideas and what we have found from the industry.

Creating Consumer Profiles

Upon registering to the video service, consumers often have a profile created and as they continue to use the service, view content and purchase products this profile develops. With a complete customer view you can shape business decisions including based on habits and the popular services.

Managing & Reducing Churn

We will share insight into how operators can overcome the different areas of churn from voluntary to involuntary and the role of predictive churn. This will lead onto discussing the tactics to reduce customer churn before they churn as well as win them back to the service.

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