Data Driven Content Editorialisation: Finding The Hidden Gems

In this session moderated by our Head of Global Channel, Ian Gray, you will learn how to use data to uncover new ways to classify your catalogue, making your content more relevant than ever for your viewers and how ‘finding a hidden gem’ can unlock access to even greater customer satisfaction, retention, recommendation to friends & family and ultimately, higher revenues. We will also explore how ‘data driven content’ might extend to marketing the service via social and other promotional channels.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Optimising Your Content Library

Even though media companies are making headlines for spending over $100 Billion in original content per year, their back catalogue is their workhorse. Therefore, it is more important than ever to optimise your content library. Studios are struggling to get back to full production due to Covid and might be hit by skills logistics issues when they try to return fully – even more important to monetise your back catalogue.

First Party Data in OTT

In the webinar we see ML technologies, Recommendation Engines etc ‘getting to know’ the viewing habits of subscribers over time. This will also help shed some light around greater use of first party data in OTT, especially at the customer acquisition stage. 

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