Driving the Dollars for Digital Gaming

Big changes in gaming have created new opportunities and challenges for monetizing content. From social gaming to some of the biggest over-the-counter titles, there is a range of strategies for generating revenue.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

The History of Gaming

We look at the nascent arcade market in the 1970s and the linear progression ever since to today’s 7th generation of games. Gaming has moved on from Pong, but the basics remain the same as new releases generate peaks in revenue. Gaming was bigger than the music and movie industries in 1982 and the gap has widened.

How Gamers are Paying

Arcades are long gone and even buying titles in a physical store is no longer the only way consumers can pay for content. Online gaming is taking off with pay-as-you-play booming. Monetizing game content has never been more complex, with new players and social media disrupting the industry.

Winning Game Plans

With more ways to connect and play, there are more ways to pay. We look at the different models and how everyone with a smartphone or tablet is now a gamer. From subscription models to freemium and social gaming, there are many ways to monetize game content.

How to Overcome Digital Overload

Gaming has evolved hugely and the space is now packed with new entrants, creating a complex and crowded space. We consider some of the different factors that lead to success, from understanding the market to knowledge of the different payment models.

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