Emerging Models in Paid Content

Publishers have spent a long time on how to migrate content from print to digital. Crucially, they are seeking ways to generate revenue from this. Current and emerging paid content business models need to be looked at and publishers must focus on the one that suits them best.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

A Customer-first Approach

We look at how the customer must be front and centre of a paid content strategy - ultimately content monetization is about making the case for consumers to pay money to watch or read content.

Emerging Models

What is a business model? How does it create value? We look at these key questions and consider what the best current and emerging models are - from paywalls and multi-device subscriptions to in-app subscriptions and bundling.

Innovative Business Models

Some of the most innovative models are discussed in depth from hard and metered paywalls to going beyond these to post-paywall, datawall and sharewall models. How do these fit into the current mix and can they work?

Keys to Success

Finally, we look at some of the most successful publishers using paywalls today - what makes them work, which models are in operation and how can others learn from these pathfinders? Strategies for today and the future are discussed in depth.

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