Shaping the Future: How Some Newspapers Are Leading The Way

From The Times to the Telegraph, there are many newspapers out there already successfully monetizing content. Whether it’s through a paywall, a meter or a digital subscription, there are many ways for publishers to generate revenue and newspapers are leading the way.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Loyalty Pays

The days of free content are numbered. Newspapers have taken the plunge and are seeing more revenues. Publishers ought not to be scared of paywalls - reduced page views do not lead to lower profits and consumers are prepared to pay for good content. Loyal customers can drive and support the move to paid content.

Paywalls as Means

The paywall is not the end - it’s just the means to more subscribers, advertising revenues and profits. But the paywall is more than just a passive piece of technology, it can be tailored to drive more readers and more revenues through different subscription models, offers and incentives.

Advertiser Advantages

Paywalls create a readership that has actively chosen to engage, which makes them more appealing to advertisers, boosting revenues for the publisher. Paywalls also let publishers and advertisers better track and target readers. Social media messages can also be pinpoint accurate.

Protecting Content

The metered approach to paid access has been promoted as a way to maintain a large base of casual users but also enables publishers to target those who regularly come back. This helps maintain a large base to appeal to advertisers while still meaning revenues can be extracted directly from readers.

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