How to Use Big Data to Maximize Revenues

Big data is transforming the digital landscape and has had a major impact on the way publishers and content providers can respond to their audience. Greater personalization and improved user experience is the goal, but it’s a challenging and complex environment

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

The Super Consumer

Media providers and publishers have to contend with the Super Consumer. We look at how companies are redefining the customer-centric model and how they are meeting the very high expectations of consumers.

The Changing Nature of Big Data

It’s vital we understand what we mean by big data and in this webinar we look at just what all this information means, where it comes from and how best companies can capture, measure, analyse and respond.

Key Challenges

What do you expect from big data? We discuss how to make the transition from content to data and analysis, how to deliver a consistent user experience across devices, ways to connect data silos and how to win and retain customers.


The webinar looks at how companies can enjoy better audience targeting, improve business insights, detect fraud more easily and develop better planning and forecasting models - all from harnessing big data.

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