Killer Strategies to Drive Subscriber Retention with Payment Optimization

Coupled with acquisition, customer retention is the key to building longer-lasting relationships with subscribers. On average, churn can cost up to 30% of service-revenues, having a stifling effect on business growth and expansion. 

Join our webinar, where we'll be discussing:

  1. Market insights - benchmark churn rates
  2. Churn variations - why do subscribers churn?
  3. Payment optimization - a dummy's guide to success
  4. Retention tactics - how to retain subscribers for longer

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What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Churn Variations

Discussing the different types of churn, both voluntary and involuntary. We also go into reasons why churn occurs and why payments fail.

Industry Benchmarks

What is considered a good versus a bad churn rate according to industry standards? We explore this in our webinar, as well as provide some industry wide statistics.

Retention Strategies

We delve into 7 different possible churn prevention strategies, all aimed at reducing overall churn rates.

Payment Optimization

How can payment optimization improve overall retention rate, as well as minimize churn.

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