Paid Content Strategies that Work: Acquisition, Conversion & Retention

MPP Global’s VP, Media & Publishing, shares insight on the paid content landscape as a whole. Discussing strategies for growth, what is working, the models and offers being utilized by the market leaders, and where publishers are finding the most success.

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What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Acquisition & Conversion

From the Guardian's memberships to the metered paywall at The New York Times, to the hard paywall of The Financial Times and the publishers embracing micropayments; including Blendle and Winnipeg Free Press. During the webinar we will take a closer look at these tactics and their outcomes, and how they vary based on the type of content being produced and the targeted demographic.

Offers & Incentives

What hints and tips can be gleaned from the market leaders, how can publishers continue to grow online services and increase digital revenue? We take a look at best practice in regards to maximizing conversions. The webinar will cover every angle, including bundling print with digital, content specific 'bite size' packages, free trial periods, daily, weekly and monthly passes, memberships, rewards and 3rd party collaborations.


How can data drive these models? We will consider how the anonymous, behavioral data and the first party registration data publishers have access to can enable offers, incentives and campaigns to be personalized on a per customer and segment basis. With there being direct links between data and revenues, we will discuss how publishers can harness this data to drive the bottom line.


While publishers invest heavily in acquiring audiences, it is also vital to prevent subscribers from canceling their subscriptions. The webinar will highlight methods to reduce involuntary churn, as well as machine learning techniques which enable publishers to identify consumers most likely to churn. We will also take a look at how minimizing potential losses before they occur, via payment expertize and the use of personalized offers, can often be as valuable as attracting new customers.

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