Publishers on the Move: Making the Most of the Tablet Economy

Tablet computers are new and exciting, especially for publishers and media content providers. Second-screening creates new chances to engage, while 3G connectivity means you can deliver content to tablets on-the-go. Maximizing the potential of this growing market is vital.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Current Landscape

Publishers need to separate out the two components of mobile content. Tablets now account for more web traffic than smartphones and so this is a huge market. Tablets are drivers and disruptors in their own right and owners prefer to use these devices for consuming news.

Challenges & Opportunities

Publishers need to keep multiple channels in mind - it must be seen as part of a multi-channel content ecosystem. Consider how to leverage complementary tech to increase retention on tablet devices, build loyalty and increase revenues through the tablet channel. We consider technology, content strategies, understanding your consumer and the application of a commercial model.

An MPP Global Success Story

We look at how MPP Global worked to provide a user registration and payment solution for the Mail Plus tablet edition, which delivers content in the paper plus an array of enhanced interactive content. Building a solution that could drive greater revenues was essential.

The Future of the Tablet Market

What model will work for tablets? From freemium to traditional subscription models, there are lots of ways to engage tablet users. How to tailor this to account for different devices and channels will be crucial for success.

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