Sport is Back! Lockdown Lessons From Digital Media

Lockdown has generated an explosion in non-sports digital media consumption, resulting in increased subscription revenues. With the continued pent-up demand for live sports, many opportunities have arisen and can be leveraged. Our very own CEO was invited as a guest on the SportWorks webinar, covering lessons learnt from digital media and how sport can use those lessons to drive fan engagement and business development, as it returns from lockdown. In case you missed the webinar last week, we wanted to make sure you can view it on demand right here.

What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Lockdown Impact On Digital Media

To capitalise during surge of viewers, ensure your brand is visible in the digital landscape and running paid media campaigns

Lessons From Publishers & OTT Services

Speed-to-market crucial to capitalise on captive audiences and reduce churn​

Considerations For The Sports Sector

Free credits, contributions and donations to local causes ​all help with churn reduction and "leaky bucket" prevention

Key Takeaways

COVID-19 has shown us sport isn’t well equipped for lack of live action. A global VOD strategy is essential for periods of reduced live action to reduce churn

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