Subscription & Billing: Tackling the Build vs Buy Dilemma

MPP Global’s VP, Media & Publishing, EU, shares insight on the importance of technology in driving complementary print and digital subscription revenues.  During the webinar, we also addressed evolving technical strategies such as SOA (Service Orientated Architecture), and how legacy and ERP platforms can be quickly and easily adapted using specialist cloud technologies to evolve subscription strategies.

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What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Print & Digital Publishing Subscriptions

The changing habits of consumers has seen the importance of complementary print and digital strategies emerge across the market, with publishers such as the Financial Times re-inventing themselves as hybrids focusing on both digital and print. During the webinar, we will discuss the role of technology in achieving such a strategy.

Cloud Platforms are the Now

We will address the top integration issues publishers have experienced across the industry. This session will also discuss plug and play functionality, the considerations for implementing new technology with legacy ERP systems and the benefits publishers can acquire because of the innovative technology platforms.

Real-time Subscription Management

Subscription billing technology is evolving, resulting in more publishers taking steps upgrade their systems. During the webinar we will share insight on real-time tools that support both print and digital subscriptions, helping to reduce internal challenges, improve efficiencies and product development and help to develop subscriber relationships.

Future-proofing your Business

The session will provide an exclusive opportunity to understand how implementing media and entertainment focussed technology can keep you in line with your peers. Cloud subscription and billing technology enables you to keep ahead of the curve, from access to all new and emerging payment types such as Apple Pay and Paypal, to leveraging data, AI and machine learning to increase revenues.

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